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Arbor 2014 Freestyle Fridays #44

2015 April 7
by John


Well I saw Friday on the label and was after some kind of hot weather session beer but this is an “excessively hopped black ipa”. Dangit, what a way to start a reviewing session!
Pleasantly had a lychee nose, maybe gooseberry? I don’t know what a gooseberry is but sounds like the kind of berry that has a sour-y tart-y thing going on.
Great taste, despite the 1200 theoretical ibus (for reference, regular ipa is like 60). A beer this big goes through so many flavours on its tour of one’s tasting (find better word) system: immediately sweet and viscous, quickly giving way to a bitter party right in the middle of your tongue which intensifies over a minute. Then a bit of dark chocolate for a while (like the bitter kind). Then burnt stuff. Then you brush your teeth.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

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