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Rodenbach Grand Cru

2013 January 31
by John


This beer was kindly donated to me by my boss, so naturally it has a pre-drink score of 100%. I was warned that it might not be to my taste, but upon seeing/smelling it I thought otherwise – a deep browny red with a very malty nose (I note that basically no one else on the internet says this haha), and dare I say I could smell the oak that two thirds of the beer has been sitting in for two years.
And then it got…less good. Kneejerk reaction was that it tastes like wine, to which the blurb on the label alludes, but on second thought this beer is liquid gobstoppers. Lowly and finely carbonated, it’s pretty acidic on the centre of your tongue and makes your gums salivate from the sourness. I spose it’s not as bad as it sounds (and this review’s not helping the chances of more free imported beer from my boss); it was novel while it lasted.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Graham had a sip but didn’t take any notes, so I’ll try to describe his reaction:



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