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Brewdog Punk IPA

2012 September 15
by John



Oooohhh yeah it’s been a while since I’ve had a night of doing nothing and I’m pretty stoked to get through a few beer reviews tonight while watching the Rabbitohs v Raiders game (we’re 10min in, think I’ll go for the Rabbits…)

First in line is the Brewdog Punk IPA. I wanted to start with something lighter but there’s nothing else cold in the fridge. I was pleasantly surprised by how light (in colour and taste) this actually was, despite a reasonably heavy nose. You can throw it back pretty easily – while I’m writing this particular sentence I’ve almost finished it – maybe because the aftertaste doesn’t hang around too long. Like the Brewdog Hardcore IPA it seems well balanced and it sits right in the middle of the palette. This would be a great after-work beer for me, it’s got enough kick to make it interesting but it’s not overly weighty. Too bad they make it on the other side of the world.


Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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