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A Fine Day For A Brew With A Bro

2012 September 9
by John

Been a while since I brewed with Graham, but I got caught out on a Sunday with no ingredients (I thought this would be a huge money-maker day for the home brew shops, but alas they’re all closed) so my bro kindly offered what bits and pieces he had and we semi-followed a recipe for a Red IPA:

Steeped 400g Munich grain, 250g crystal malt, 260g dark crystal malt, 55g chocolate malt for 30min. Added to that 1.5kg pale lager extract and 1.5kg amber caramalt extract and brought to the boil. 60g of Northern Brewer hops at 60min, 38g Cascade at 30min and 45g Goldings at 5 min. Pitched some Irish liquid yeast (can’t remember the name of it) at 22°C…

We were going for an IPA with a strong malty backbone, hopefully the balance comes out right. The recipe was similar but suggested heaps more extract (!). Stay tuned for the review in about 4 weeks time…

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