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Brewdog Dogma

2012 August 23
by John

Another one from Brewdog and I think one of a few scotch ales to be reviewed in the coming weeks. I love scotch and I love scotch ales! I am assured that there is “infused” honey in this bad boy, and I instantly recognise that funky homebrew smell that our brews get when we add some bee gravy (might work on that one) to them. The thick body of this beer stood out on the first sip – it feels like it’s got the consistency of a McDonalds thickshake (admittedly after you’ve waited five minutes for it to warm up so you can actually get some through the straw). You can really taste the honey after the initial maltfest has worn away, and the honey’s got balls. I know nothing about the different kinds of honey (this one’s heather), but it does remind me of the darkish, sorta ‘heavy’ variety that I used to like on my Weetbix in high school. Wait a bit longer and your mouth feels like you’ve been drinking neat scotch all night.

So if you enjoy beer, chocolate milkshakes, Weetbix and scotch, this may be the beer for you.


Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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