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2010 Australian Election Special

2010 August 20
by Graham

One more day to the election and both potential leaders were photographed in pubs. But what did they drink?

First the Prime Minister:

Julia Gillard pounds back a schooner of Old

A schooner of Old! Fantastic. It tastes like wet cardboard, but still, it tastes like something. In this post feminist age it shouldn’t matter, but I can’t help being impressed that our lady PM would order a proper beer like Tooheys Old.

Now the Opposition Leader, at the  Manly Wharf Hotel :

It’s hard to see in the photo, but it looks like lemon lime and bitters, doesn’t it?

Here’s a direct quote of what he asked for – ¬†“If I could have a shandy of light with about 60 per cent lemonade, okay?”

Come on dude. Not only are you drinking a (light!) shandy, but you specify that it should 60% lemonade? Why not be more specific? Why not ask for 65%? How very precious. A shandy of light is a “why bother” drink. Just have a glass of water.

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