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Taverner’s Strong Honey Ale

2010 April 10
by John

Taverner’s Tasmanian Brewery.  Packs an 8.0% alcohol punch.

Graham: Interesting, but not good.

We’re brewing this honey beer today with some honey I picked up in a farmers market in Mudgee.  So when we cracked open the micro brew club 12 pack for last month and found a honey beer in it, it seemed like a perfect place to get some inspiration. On to the beer!

Really light in colour and body. I don’t know how this is an ale, it could be a mead – it looks like one anyway. Has a nice honey aftertaste, most of the honey beer I’ve brewed and tasted (I’m looking at you Beez Neez) . It’s really dry though, and the high alcohol content with little body seems unbalanced. While it is interesting, it’s not a beer I would search out again.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

John: Tastes like shit champagne.

Smells like champagne! Random! Goes down like champagne too…the dude on the back of the label reckons it’s cloudy because the yeast is kept in the bottle to keep it fermenting, giving it more bubble (sound like champagne anyone?). Funnily enough he doesn’t mention anything about the honey it, so why should I? Altough I think I got a bee’s wing in mine…

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Check out their website:

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