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Mac’s Hop Rocker Pilsener

2010 March 20
by John

I love this beer! Great colour, subtle aroma and a spot-on balance of hops. Why doesn’t someone hook this baby up to the tap at the local pub? It’s hoppy yet damn refreshing and ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE SOMETHING. The bottle has a cool ring-pull like you’re drinking ginger beer too haha. SICK. 4.8% vol.

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  1. Mark Leszczynski permalink
    June 15, 2010

    hey bru! I finally made it on here, although i can only post comments on your posts.

    Not sure if i tried this beer when i was in kiwiland, although i have to agree that its dissapointing we don’t see more kiwi beers over here (especially considering they’re closer than bloody WA). Consiedering how small their population is they had a choice selection of microbrews, took up a whole isle in the supermarket. Was considering buying a whole bunch of beers and posting it back to myself, but it was too damn expensive – probably more efficient just to wait for an airline sale and fly over there for a week-long bender.

    anywho, keep spreading the good word

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