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Bateman’s XXXB Classic Premium Pale Ale

2010 March 20
by John

Well it sure ain’t pale – a great shade of red though. I might even venture with ‘cedar’. It’s fun when a beer has got such a rad colour you like it before you’ve tried it. This has a bit of a hoppy nose but a huuuge malty taste that gets your juices going. After you swallow you get some cool pear flavour coming out and are then left with the taste of hops on the top of your tongue. Interesting stuff! And if you don’t believe me, check the side of the label – they’ve got a handy quantitative bar chart of the flavours you’ll find. It was actually a bit hard to get through all 500mL, but I’d buy it again. 4.8% vol.

What a crappy photo. Haha

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